• Designer Bath Mats

    Designer Bath Mats

    Comfort and design in one, these decorative mats offer safe footing thanks to its smooth, solid surface and slip-resistant design.

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  • Softex® Bath and Shower Mats

    Softex® Bath and Shower Mats

    These soft cushioned mats create a safer and more comfortable surface in your bath or shower due to its slip-resistant, suction cup design.

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  • Rubber Bath Mats

    Rubber Bath Mats

    Featuring a smooth, solid surface and suction cups on the bottom, these bath mats create a comfortable, slip-resistant surface in your bathtub.

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  • Adhesive Tub Treads

    Adhesive Tub Treads

    Easy-to-install, these adhesive strips are a non-slip and non-skid solution to keeping bath or shower time safe and comfortable.

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  • Easy Liner® Shelf Liner Cutter

    Easy Liner Cutter

    Specially designed for use on all types of Easy Liner® shelf liner, the Duck® Brand Easy Liner® Cutter light-duty utility knife with rust-resistant, safety-enabled ceramic blade cuts shelf and drawer liner with a crisp, clean-edge cut line.

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  • Duck® Brand Safety Grip Tub Mat

    Safety Grip Tub Mat


    Featuring extra-thick cushioning on the surface and suction cups on the bottom, these bath mats make your tub slip-resistant and comfortable.

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  • Clorox™ Cushioned Bath Mat

    Clorox™ Cushioned Bath and Shower Mats

    Featuring a soft, cushioned surface for comfort and safety, this bath mat is designed to inhibit mold & mildew growth to protect the mat.

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  • Duck® Extra-Soft Bath Mat

    Extra-Soft Bath Mat

    Increase comfort in the bath tub with this extra-soft bath mat.

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